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Well nothing is ever easy. Especially with three kids under the age of three- two of which are premies and not even a month old yet.

Late yesterday afternoon I noticed Peyton starting a cough. I honestly didn’t think too much of it because he was eating and sometimes gets lazy with feedings, resulting in him coughing a little bit. But this cough started in and wasn’t going away. It got worse over the course of the night and he started developing a raspy sound as he was breathing. 

The day we came home from the hospital Brody was not feeing the best. The first 24 hours after being home we made a decision to take Brody to the ER because he had a temp of 102.6 and was acting lethargic. Brody is never sick so I was very concerned as he was acting completely out of character. Brett took him in and learned he had a nasty head cold and middle ear infection. Ok, so nothing terrible. They were very thorough with him due to the fact that we had 5 day old premature twins at home and RSV and flu season is still present. They got the all clear and Brett and Brody returned home with antibiotics. After the first dose, Brody was already showing signs that he was on the mend. He finished out with meds and seemed to be shaking off the sickness. Then, earlier this week the dreaded cough returned. Not as vicious but enough to make me on pins and needles because of the twins. 

So after last night I called the doc first thing this morning and got all three boys in right away. My biggest fear was RSV as it seems to take a particular target at premature babies. Although it isn’t RSV, we’re not out of the woods yet. Peyton has thick mucus in the back of his throat, a nasty cough and raspy sound when he’s breathing. So now we are on high alert for signs that things are getting worse which could turn into RSV. This sucks and I’m just praying that it’s a cold Brody has passed to his brother. Praying it will run its course and be out of here.

 So after being paranoid all night and day I’m deciding to keep my boys home and limit visitors who show up. Although it could have been Brody, it could have also been anyone who has been sick in the past three weeks that has shown up for a visit. I’m kicking myself for not being a “drill sergeant mom” and questioning every single person who walked in my door. This may sound paranoid and over the top but RSV is a serious condition that could easily land us back in the hospital- which is the absolute last thing we want. So I ask everyone and bring it to your attention to not be sick and go around such small fragile babies. Especially my babies who have immature immune systems and will have to fight twice as hard to fight anything off. I’m so sad today and hoping and praying that this is all just a small hiccup in the road. 

One of the worst things about being a mother is not being able to take away pain from your child. Or watching your child struggle, especially when they’re so little. 

Please keep little Peyton in your prayers. Will update when we know more. 

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