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One year after Chase and Peyton were diagnosed and I can tell you that I honestly never thought I would survive. I never thought my sanity would survive (that’s still up for discussion), I never thought I could do everything that I knew I had to do. I knew what needed to be done and I simply had absolutely no desire to do it. I honestly can remember the realization like it was yesterday, “I am a mom of three children with Autism.” Those words literally cut me like a knife and it was a reality that I was so desperate to hide from. You see, I didn’t want to be “that mom”. I didn’t want to be the mom people felt sorry for. I had dreams for myself and my family that did not have “Autism” in the picture. Sure Brody was diagnosed already, but he was thriving and bright and although he had his quirks, he was going to be ok! We handled that storm, we were continuing to come off of that diagnosis. And realizing that even more would come with two additional diagnosis’ was too much to even wrap my frazzled brain around. Our lives were flipped upside down yet again that day. Although the pain of that day is something I will never forget, it doesn’t compare to the goodness that God blessed us with in the coming months.

There’s a blessing in the storm.

The day the boys were diagnosed and the pity party subsided, Brett and I stuck our heads together and knew that we had to use this as a platform to reach a bigger audience. People who get this. PARENTS who feel isolated and like there isn’t a soul that gets exactly what you may be going through. Autism is a spectrum so although we wanted to reach parents or care takes of individuals on the spectrum, we also respected the fact of the different dynamics this could entail. Although we had 3 perspectives, we knew that every story was unique and different and needed to be heard. Awareness needed to be raised, help needed to be offered and parents needed a safe place where they truly felt understood.

Unfinish3d Pieces was born.

Other than my three beautifully amazing and unique children, my hardworking husband, this is something that I am so proud of. I feel like God truly blessed us with these boys to help people not just through our organization but just by sharing our story so that other stories can be heard.  Brett and I have worked so hard to make this organization take off and luckily we had a rally of friends and family that stepped up to help us make our dream a reality.

And who would have thought that a year ago, this all transpired. Through pain comes some of the best lessons and gifts that this life can offer you.

It’s been a record of a year and to think…we’re only getting started! The excitement honestly just continues to consume me!

Brody, Chase and Peyton, thank you for blessing me beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you for allowing me to see this crazy world through the simplicity of your eyes. Thank you for allowing me to witness your victories and share them with you as we create some of the most heartfelt memories I could have ever dreamt of. Thank you for the opportunity to be your mommy.

You have blessed me beyond my wildest dream and I sometimes have to pinch myself because I get to live this life everyday with you. We’ve got a lot of work to do and I promise to push you, guide you and love on you every step of the way.

Jeremiah 29:11

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