Our Mission

To help improve the lives of individuals and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder.

UNFINISH3D PIECES wants to change how people view Autism by spreading awareness and understanding. We want families who are comfortable to share their own personal story with others. By sharing the journey, we believe we can better give a sense of understanding of what families go through, as well as what the individual living with Autism go through on a daily basis. Every story is so different and unique, and because Autism is a spectrum disorder, this will help others understand the truth in the statement, “if you meet one person with Autism, you meet one person with Autism.”

If sharing is not something you are comfortable with, then we understand the need for privacy and would be willing to help navigate in a more private manner. This is your story and your own journey and it’s up to you what you do with it. We just want to be here to help in whatever way that may be.

Our main goal is to help individuals and families by giving back and providing support. We don’t just want to be a one time resource, we want to be there along the ride as we move forward.

Our Beliefs


We want to keep all the proceeds local to help our neighbors in need. We want to be able to help families with special needs receive help in whatever avenue that may be. And if we can’t specifically help, we want you to have the information going forward to get the help you and your family need.


We know how important intervention at an early age can be for children with any type of disability. We want to help educate and spread awareness of signs to consider in your child or loved one. We will be the sounding board for you and allow you to confide in us confidentially and help you move forward however that may be.


We want to help people have access to a wide variety of adaptive tools. Maybe its an item that might not specifically be covered by another entity, just ask and we can let you know if we can help. We understand the financial struggles of families with children or family members on the spectrum and we want to be a part of providing assistance in a non traditional way.


We want to help encourage high school seniors and/or high school graduates no more than two years out of high school to further their education. We will help by providing a scholarship fund to an accredited post secondary institution. We want to help provide needed equipment and education to the special education departments in our local school districts.


We want the message to be loud and clear of how Autism is a spectrum disorder. We want people to have an understanding of all the different things that people with Autism have to deal with everyday of their lives. We are passionate about making a difference and educating people in a positive light!

Our Story

By 18 months, I started noticing signs of autism in Peyton. Major red flags that were much more obvious than we had even witnessed with Brody. Peyton had many sensory needs. He liked to tap a small, toy carrot on hard surfaces and would do it fast and quick.

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October 21, 2017

Bragging Rights

I have been contemplating posting an update from our Parent Teacher conferences with Brody’s teacher this past week. I have been constantly going back and forth in my mind on how to do so without being “that Mom”. But we share the journey of our family with the world that consists of the good, the bad and the ugly. We celebrate the smallest victories and most difficult times. We do this in hopes to educate others about Autism and also to spread a sense of understanding to those walking this path who feel alone. Brody’s been in Kindergarten for 2
It finally happened. When I least expected. I had one of those good long much needed crying sessions. I have been waiting for it since the whirlwind of news has been given to us. The twins autism diagnosis, P’s lung condition, the Seizure scare, waiting to see if the boys are eligible for case management from the department of mental health and figuring out how to add more therapies to our schedule. P is gonna start 18 hours of ABA therapy, 1 hour of OT and an hour of OT/PT combined. Along with trying to fit in additional speech. 21
This week my boys have had appointment after appointment. To say our week was busy would be a slight understatement. To recap our week our appointments went as followed; Neurology, 3 hour meeting with the Department of Mental Health regarding each of the boys individually, Brody’s home visit  from his teacher, pulmonary appointment in KC, 2 hour therapy evaluations for P and to end the week with our favorite therapists for the twins! Whew…we did it and we made it out alive! So glad this week is almost over!   I had updated everyone about Neurology but to give a
Today was an extremely hectic day at our house. Brody started Kindergarten Jumpstart at South Park. He was excited but nervous as this is a new unfamiliar chapter, as it is for every new little boy and girl who enters their new BIG school. I was excited and nervous for him as well, but more or so torn because today more than ever, I wanted and needed to be two places at once. Today was the day my precious twin boys were evaluated for Autism at the Thompson Center. As I left the house this morning, my nerves were shot,
One year ago Brett and I sat in a small room at the Thompson Center and got Brody’s Autism Diagnosis. A year later here we are with lots growth, lots of therapy and the realization that my baby will be starting Kindergarten this Fall. When they tell you it goes fast, it’s not cliche, it really does go fast. In the past year, Brody has grown by leaps and bounds. Brody is doing wonderful and thriving extremely well. He still has some things we’re working on, but who doesn’t? Brody will be undergoing a sedated EEG, MRI and blood testing
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